FNG is built on the principles of transparency, hard work, and loyalty. Such principles are reflected in the career and life of it's founder, Riley J. Neilson. 

The flying 'N' comes from the symbol of the Neilson Family Farm that Riley's father owned in Idaho where he was born. He grew up mostly in Montana on the edge of a small town deep in the Rocky Mountains. 

After a few years of college and after meeting and marrying his wife, he began a contracting company for painting to put him through the remainder of his schooling. Once the painting company was self sufficient he not only sold it, but realized the being an entrepreneur was his passion. After relocating to Phoenix he founded FNG and began to pursue real estate full time with he help of his wonderful wife, Danielle. 

In the early years our focus was single-family residential investing and it was in this form of investing that we began to consult many other firms on marketing, creative financing, and creative dispositions. The network created through consulting opened the door for us to engage commercial residential investments and capital raising. We intend to scale up this side of our business extensively and invite you to join us as we do.



We strive to tell it like it is, and be completely honest in everything we do.  Our priority is finding win-win with everyone we work with.


We have done a variety of deals in a variety of markets. You can be certain that we will not rest until each deal is completed and every projection is met or exceeded. 


Prepare to work with the best in the industry, and breathe a sigh of relief - because you're finally working with someone that keeps their word and follows through.