Welcome to Flying 'N'

Our company is built on the principles of trust, transparency, hard work, and loyalty. Such principles are reflected in the life of it's owner and founder, Riley J. Neilson. 

Flying 'N' comes from the symbol of the Neilson Family Farm Riley's father owned in Idaho where he was born. He grew up mostly in Montana in a small town, and knew he would be able to make something of himself, but he would have to leave the rural countryside to do it. He needed to go where the people are.

After being at school in Idaho for a few years and meeting and marrying his wife, he began a painting company, quickly grasping the thrill of business.

Although the company did well and there was success on all fronts, Riley felt it was time to move on to bigger and better things with the knowledge he had gained. So he moved to Arizona.

Here in the desert, he began his dream of helping people with the vast knowledge he had acquired in real estate. Flying 'N' is built on the legacy of the Neilson family, and works to build a better community by aiding those who are in precarious, frustrating, and time-sensitive situations. 



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