Is it for you?

I typically look for people who are willing to use multiple monetization strategies for their deals. I also look for people in highly profitable markets. The more competitive the market the better.

What will it look like?


The nature of our relationship depends on how much help you need and how much time you require from me to make your 5 year goal for your life and business a reality.


The strategy I will help you implement will be customized to your unique skills, market, time restraints, and budget.

How much will it cost?

The cost depends on the type of relationship you want/need with me. However, I don't intend to charge what it will cost me to provide you with my services. I will ask for some money upfront, but the rest will be paid if and only if I help you close deals. This takes most of the risk off of you and places it on me, which is why I'm particular about who I take on as a client. If you don't succeed, I lose lose a significant amount of money.