"Own nothing...

We offer our clients advanced tax and estate planning through our partner, a firm that uses attorneys and accountants together for one seamless experience. This process looks at the client's taxes and legal risks to customize a plan that reduces both the tax burden and the liability of that individual.

...control everything."©

Preserving Your Wealth

Step 1: Schedule a phone call

Step 2: Evaluate Needs

Meet virtually and go over your budget, current assets, and business structure to create a diagram of a proposed plan.

Step 3: Submit Proposal

After creation, the proposal is submitted for professional review, alterations, and approval.

Step 4: Entity Formation

All the required entities, trusts, and contracts are drafted to state and federal standards.

Step 5: Implement

Receive assistance to operate your new plan effectively, keep proper records, and maximize benefits.

 Sample Flowchart

"I've seen significant tax savings, and have been empowered toward success in each of my ventures."